Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RAW Ep 020: Farewell to friends...Hello to change.

Well Peeps, this is the last of the three posts I have for you and the last of the podcast shows and mini-casts...last from this original format.  Please listen to this podcast and I will continue with a bunch of info for you about the upcoming changes, enjoy the show!

Nels pics from the Bonaparte performance:
 "Oh that crazy Bonaparte!"

Thanks for the pics Nels!

So, as you heard we have some moves and such that are requiring us to make some changes, and it just so happens to of all coincided with the exact time that we are ready to take this Network to an entirely new and major level.  We will be launching a major fundraising campaign in just days from now (keep your eyes out for it cause we will be calling on all you to help).  This campaign will allow us to focus on the Network itself instead of any other day job (cause the Network will be our Day Job!) and focus on the revamp and relaunch of "The Random Access WebTV Podcast".

Here are some of the changes we will be working on over the next 60-90 days:
New offices
New Sound Studio that will give us a permanent location to record the show as well as be able to do live recordings of bands and take the podcast to a video format as well as its audio format!
We will be adding two new podcasts to the Podcast side of the Network (one from Los Angeles and one from here in Austin).
We will begin full time production on "KAZE", our first and anchor original content WebTV programming.
We will be adding a second animated series to the WebTV side
And we will be bringing you a Web Series that had a great start, but life and school got in the way of its production team and only the pilot has seen the light of day (we are in talks with the producer right now to pick up the project and take over production to continue the series).
We will also be working on getting several other WebSeries into production and launched.

So, big changes?  Hell yes!  Hang in there with us peeps, cause once this snowball starts rolling, its gonna get big and its gonna be fast!!!

For our departing friends:

We want to personally thank Nels Christensen for all that he did to help us build this podcast and Network to the level that we have.  His ground work was invaluable and has created a great base for us to build from.  We wish him all the best in Los Angeles and we look forward to the Podcast he will be producing out there.  Good luck and all our best Nels.

We want to also thank Talon for all that he has done and for being such a huge talent on the air.  Buddy, it will be hard to replace you, but we will soldier on and knowing that you will still be around to join us from time to time or to add content from time to time, will make it easier.  Thank you sir and best of luck with all your endeavors.