Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RAW Ep 020: Farewell to friends...Hello to change.

Well Peeps, this is the last of the three posts I have for you and the last of the podcast shows and mini-casts...last from this original format.  Please listen to this podcast and I will continue with a bunch of info for you about the upcoming changes, enjoy the show!

Nels pics from the Bonaparte performance:
 "Oh that crazy Bonaparte!"

Thanks for the pics Nels!

So, as you heard we have some moves and such that are requiring us to make some changes, and it just so happens to of all coincided with the exact time that we are ready to take this Network to an entirely new and major level.  We will be launching a major fundraising campaign in just days from now (keep your eyes out for it cause we will be calling on all you to help).  This campaign will allow us to focus on the Network itself instead of any other day job (cause the Network will be our Day Job!) and focus on the revamp and relaunch of "The Random Access WebTV Podcast".

Here are some of the changes we will be working on over the next 60-90 days:
New offices
New Sound Studio that will give us a permanent location to record the show as well as be able to do live recordings of bands and take the podcast to a video format as well as its audio format!
We will be adding two new podcasts to the Podcast side of the Network (one from Los Angeles and one from here in Austin).
We will begin full time production on "KAZE", our first and anchor original content WebTV programming.
We will be adding a second animated series to the WebTV side
And we will be bringing you a Web Series that had a great start, but life and school got in the way of its production team and only the pilot has seen the light of day (we are in talks with the producer right now to pick up the project and take over production to continue the series).
We will also be working on getting several other WebSeries into production and launched.

So, big changes?  Hell yes!  Hang in there with us peeps, cause once this snowball starts rolling, its gonna get big and its gonna be fast!!!

For our departing friends:

We want to personally thank Nels Christensen for all that he did to help us build this podcast and Network to the level that we have.  His ground work was invaluable and has created a great base for us to build from.  We wish him all the best in Los Angeles and we look forward to the Podcast he will be producing out there.  Good luck and all our best Nels.

We want to also thank Talon for all that he has done and for being such a huge talent on the air.  Buddy, it will be hard to replace you, but we will soldier on and knowing that you will still be around to join us from time to time or to add content from time to time, will make it easier.  Thank you sir and best of luck with all your endeavors.

"Pop Culture Podcasting Panel" at STAPLE! Independent Media Expo 2013!

Here is the second of the three posts I have for you today:  So, we had a blast at STAPLE! Independent Media Expo 2013 including getting a ton of cool mini-cast interviews with artists, being a part of the Animation Panel and our personal favorite, being a part of the "Pop Culture Podcasting Panel!"  We got to share the stage with some great guys from "Geek Bombast" and "League of Extremely Ordinary Gentleman" and it was fun!  Check it out then be sure to check out the other two podcasts and show them some love too!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did.  Be sure to visit these other two podcasts and show them some love!

League of Extremely Ordinary Gentleman ~ http://spill.hollywood.com/Podcasts/Podcast.aspx?category=leog

Our farewell to Ai: "The Ai Shuffle" ~ pre-SXSW event

"The Ai Shuffle"

Hello Peeps!  Its been a little while, but this is the first of three posts I will be posting for your enjoyment today.

We here at Random Access WebTV love the DIY culture and its foothold here in Austin, TX and this event was just that.  Originally, this event was the annual "Ai SXSW Kickoff" that was produced by the teachers and the school itself.  It was good, but lets be honest, they have a ton of other things to do and worry about, so it could have been improved upon.  Well, that's exactly what a group of the Audio students felt...so they jumped in and took it over.  They were able to get food trucks to come in to sell food, artists to come in and have booths to sell their art, clubs to join in and have a presence at the show and they brought in dozens and dozens of bands and comedians to perform throughout the entire day!  It, was inspiring to see and we congratulate them for all there initiative and for their success.  We also want everyone out there to keep your eyes and ears opened next year for this event and come join in and show these students your support.

To help out, we brought the podcast up to the school for a few hours to do some interviews with as many performers as we could.  Turns out, this was the last event we were able to help Ai with.

So, here are all those interviews and, since we have all graduated and are moving forward with our company and careers, we appreciatively say farewell to The Art Institute of Austin.  I personally thank you for all that I have learned and for all the opportunities that I have been blessed to take part in.  Thank you.

We hope you enjoy these interviews and take the time to search out these artists and show them your support as well.  Enjoy!

These guys were freaking cool and this song is about Zombies, and you all know how much I freaking love Zombies!

These guys were really cool.  They are bringing back a style of Rap that seems to have been left in the past...the kind that actually tells a story and has something to say, PLUS, on a personal note, one of their influences was "YAZ"  and especially one of their greatest albums "Upstairs At Eric's", so yeah, I got a little happy about that.

This was a fun interview.  These two were sitting off in the back of the student lounge watching us do interviews and honestly we thought they were students...right up until they came and sat down and took over the interview.  It was fan freakin tastic!  Anton and I didn't have to do a thing except laugh and chime in from time to time.  Now, this is the Un-Edited version so be warned...I debated on whether or not to put up this version or the Edited version due to language and some corporate names mentioned, but we are "Random Access WebTV", we aren't getting paid by any advertisers, hell we aren't getting paid at all for this, so I figure...What The Hell!  You guys should be able to enjoy the laugh as much as we did. 

These guys had a mellowness about them that was just cool and made you wanna kick back and just enjoy listening to them.  They are playing all over Austin, so go out and find em and give them some love! (Also, there are some dates mentioned here, my apologies for the major delay getting this out, but we have had a ton of stuffs going on, again, my apologies).

Alright, now these guys were a bit of a shock to us...with all the heavier sounds and rap coming from the outdoor stage, these guys came into the student lounge and began to set up their horns and music stands and performed more classical pieces with a kick to them.  It was a stark but somewhat refreshing and definitely entertaining difference and I'm glad we got to meet and talk with them.  

These guys were new on the scene and proof that sometimes you just gotta go for your dreams and enjoy the ride!

Well, that's all we have for the Ai Shuffle.  We again applaud all the students for what they did with this event and we applaud all the vendors, artists and musicians that joined in to help make this the success it was.  Catch ya on the flip-side!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RAW ~ STAPLE! Independent Media Expo 2013!

Yes! STAPLE! 2013 was an amazing freaking weekend for us here at RAW.  We met a ton of great people, Artists, Authors, Podcasters and Poets!  Yes, Poets!

We took part in the Animation Panel and premiered the Promo Bumper and Pre-production Models for "KAZE", got some great advice and info at the WebTV Panel that will help us retool and define our overall buisiness plan, AND got to be a part of the Pop Culture Podcasting Panel with members from "GeekBombast" and "LEOG: League of Extremely Ordinary Gentleman from SPILL.Com".  What a great bunch of guys, we are really looking forward to doing some things with these guys in the future.

Well, you guys know what we like to do at events like this, get some great interviews with the Aritists and other event guests.  We like to bring you stuff that you may not have heard of, but will love as much as we do.  Then give you some time and background on the projects and artists themselves.  So, without further ado, here we go!

Masters Of The Obvious
The Interview:
Find Them Here:
Hound Comics! ~ HoundComics.com

Or meet them at an upcoming appearance:
Centex Expo, Comicpalooza, Tribe Comics (Nerd Cave) and Wizard World Austin

Remember, let em know you heard about em here on RAW!
Enrod The Clockman
 The Interview:
Find him here:
Web ~ ENRODX.com

Obsolete Press

The Interview:
Find them here:

W. Joe Hoppe 
(Contributor to Obsolete-Press)
The Interview:
Find him here: 

Obsolete-Press (Bonus Cut)
Mongrel's Hot Rod

Alright, so you guys know how a lot of the time our audio guys will keep the mic's rolling and catch some pretty good blooper cuts.  Well, as W. Joe Hoppe walked away he asked me about my Hot Rod...and yes, they kept the mic's rollin.  So, for the Audio Team, here is that bonus cut.  Enjoy.

The Tale of Tamarind
The Interview:

Join the Tale here:
Follow Perry here:
Twitter ~ @perrya
Meet Perry at the Small Press Expo and Intervention Con

Douglas Brown
                Album Artist              Graphic Artist                        Painter
The Interview:

Find Douglas Here:
Sir Reel Graphic Novel ~ sirreelcomics.com
Artist For Hire ~ albumartist.com

Mitch Clem
                                Turnstile Comix                      My Stupid Life
Nothing Nice To Say

The Interview:
Find him and his work here:

The Surly Nerd
The Interview:

Find them here:

And that ends this years STAPLE! 2013.  Great weekend, lotsa great people and interviews.  Hope you have enjoyed them all as much as we enjoyed recording them.  Keep your eyes and ears open for the Pop Culture Podcast Panel episode featuring RAW, GeekBombast and LEOG.  We will be bringing that one to you very soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

RAW - STAPLE! 2013: E.K. Weaver Minicast preview!

Hey gang!  Chris "Uncle Staple" Nicholas has asked us to do a Minicast preview to let you know what we will be doing all weekend long at STAPLE! and to give you a little more info about one of the amazingly talented artists that you will be seeing at this years Expo.

Check it out and when your at STAPLE! come on by our booth and say "Hi!" then be sure to check us out during the "Animation Panel" and the "Podcast Panel" to find out some more about us, how we came to be and some of the other projects that we are working on.

See ya there!

RAW 2012 Music Special!!

This bonus podcast special is to celebrate the musicians and bands that joined us in 2012 and so graciously allowed us to promote them and use their music.  Kick back and enjoy the great music and please reach out to these bands and let them know that you heard them on Random Access WebTV The Podcast!

The cast and crew want to thank each and every one of these bands and musicians for their contributions to the show and we want to especially thank each and everyone of our listeners for continuing to listen and enjoy our show.  Without you, this show would mean absolutely nothing.

Thanks for a great year in 2012! Lets take this network and show to newer and newer heights in 2013!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

RAW Ep 19: "Mindless, Lee Vanwallen and Unwritten: That Which Happend, Last Stand and a celebration of disbelief"

The Podcast:

On this episode:
Special Guest Host ~ Lee Vanwallene
Artist on "Unwritten: That Which Happened"

Artist Creator of "Half Man, Half Monkey, All Hero"

More Web Comics:
 "Formal Sweatpants" at formalsweatpants.com

"Zen Pencils" at zenpencils.com

Fucking Science!
Dung Beetles follow the milky way at night! from sciencedaily.com

Video Games:
"I made a game with zombies in it"

"Earthbound" find out more at starmen.net

Wolverine Vs. Deadpool Lego's! 

New Movies:
"The Last Stand", Schwaarzenegger talk and a celebration of disbelief!

"Parker", add it to your pile of Statham DVD's

Older Movies "Just watchem man":

"Eastern Promises"

Thursday, January 31, 2013

RAW Ep. 18: "Growl! Magfest! Deathstars and Interstellar gas stations!!

RAW Ep. 18: "Growl! Magfest! Deathstars and Interstellar gas stations! plus much much more!"

In this episode:


Interview with the music director for "Magfest".  Talking about the upcoming event "Game Over Austin" on Feb. 3rd at "Red Seven" and a little taste of the music you will hear there.
http://magfest.org/   or  "Game Over Austin"

Fucking Science: 
"Asteroid mining update" and "USA's Deathstar"

"Breakfast of Champions" by Kurt Vonnegut

Adults Like Animation:
"Exodus" by Peder Norrby
Exodus on Vimeo

Lets Talk About Movies:
"Zero Dark Thirty" - Zero Dark Thirty on IMDB

"The Wackness" - The Wackness on IMDB

Shittiest Movie of the Week:
"Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies" - AL Vs. Zombies on IMDB


 "Universal Soldier Regenerations" - USOL Regeneration on IMDB

Which do you choose?

Brimstone's "Food Hounds" and their new Sauces!:

"Food Hounds: Tidbits" - http://www.houndcomics.com/tidbits.php

"Food Hounds, CaJohn's and their new sauces!" - http://www.houndcomics.com/food_hounds_cajohns.php

Monday, January 21, 2013

RAW Ep. 017: Django, SMOW, Interview: David Mcdonald and Origami!!

2013 is upon us people!!  Lets get the year started off right with some Random Access WebTV!!!!

RAW Ep. 017: Django, SMOW, David McDonald Interview and more!!!

In this episode:
Movies - Everything from Django to Shitiest Movie of the Week: Battle Ship!

Music - "Chasing Lions"

Interview with David Mcdonald - Free lance Audio Engineer in the Austin area!

Fucking Science! - Bio Bridges and Origami!!

Nerd Night!! and much much more!

So kick back and enjoy that wonderful entertainment for your earholes!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Episode 16: Movies! Music! Comics! and Fucking Science!!

Happy New Years Peeps!!!  Take that break and enjoy the entertainment for your earholes! 

On this episode:

Movies - "The Hobbit" "Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn" and much much more

Music - "Dream Connaisseur"

Comic Book Bumper Sticker - "Superman Red Sun"

Fucking Science - "Seeing the oldest stars in the galaxy", "NASA's new space suits!" and "NASA: Europa Probe"

(See, told ya!)

Totaly Austin -  "Trans Siberian Orchestra" and "The Trail of Lights"

Fine Divin! - "Pflavor Town", "El Pastor" and of course "Super Burrito"

2012 was amazing!  You guys are amazing!  Thank you all so much for following us along this crazy ass journey and thanks for spreading the word, tell everyone!!  See you in 2013!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Random Access Ep 15 - "Live from Talon's Playhouse!"

RAW Episode015: "Live from Talon's Playhouse!"

Hello Peeps!!  Do we have some fun for you in this episode:

Music:  "Bay of Pigs!"  An extremely awesome old school metal sound that you just want to sit back, pop a top and just chill.

Movies:  "Lincoln", "Rise of the Guardians", "Drive Angry" and more!!

Books:  "The Golden Man" by Phillip K. Dick

Fine Diving: Vick's BBQ and The Round Rock Food Trailer Park!

Plus tons of more Random Stuffs!!

Kick back and enjoy the entertainment for your earholes.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wizard World - the lost Interview found!!!

Hey gang, yes we had a ton of stuffs going on at Wizard World and the last day we had a flurry of talented artists coming by for interviews.  Regretfully we misplaced one of our personal favorites, but it has been found.  Please enjoy this interview with Stuart Sayger. 

This man is an amazing artist and really thinks outside the box when creating a lot of his pieces.

You can find out all about him at his website:  http://www.stuartsayger.com/

The lost interview found:  https://www.box.com/s/mbhs4ol0sdzvb8l2caq3

Enjoy, and let him know you heard about him from "Random Access"!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Episode 13 - "Looper", "Taken 2", "Hesher" and much much more!

Yes, its here Episode 13!!!!!  Enjoy some great entertainment for your earholes people.

We had a great time doing this episode because, truthfully, we only had about two things to talk about and ended up just free styling the majority of this episode and simply had a lot of fun.

RAW Episode013: "Looper, Taken 2, Hesher and much much more!"

Wizard World Day 3!!!

Hey folks, sorry its been a day or few getting this last day of Wizard World up, but once the con shut down we were wiped out!  The Con was a blast and a great chance for us to get our name out to a ton of people and it worked great.  We had an onslaught of interviews those last view hours, so without any further ado, here they are!!! (Artist Links will be coming shortly)...

Day 3 Intro...

There be Dragons and Superhero's here...Paige Roberts

 Al Molina...

Remedy of the Suicide Girls....

Cody Schibi...

Dr. Muscles!!!

Hope you have enjoyed all the mini-casts from the Wizard World weekend!!  Please check out all the talented artists that took the time to join our little show!!

Keep checking in, I will be posting links to the artists sites and work in the next day or two!  And Episode 13 will be up in the next day or two as well!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

RAW Episode012: "Three guys talking shit! No more BETA!"

Yes, episode 12.  It's been a long road for us making this transition from Beta Test to public launch and its taken its toll on our editing and uploading.  Alas, we are finally getting you episode 12, kick back and enjoy the entertainment for your earholes!!!

RAW Episode012: "Three Guys Talking Shit! No more BETA!"

Wizard World Day 2!!!!

Yes, its day 2!!!  Let's see what we have in store for today!!!

Z-Con Movie!!!

Half Man, Half Monkey, All Hero - check it out...its a giant six foot banana!!

Shadow Bringers!!!


Shadow Bringers Facebook:

Shadow Bringers Site:

Photo's from the day:
 Its like herding cats!!

Anton as Talon!


 Terrance and Phillip!

 Rorschach breaking Wolverine's finger!

 Wolverine..nuff said.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wizard World Austin - Day 1!!

Check it out folks!!!  We are at Wizard World Austin Comicon for the next three days launching our podcast to the masses.  We will be uploading mini-casts all day everyday for the whole weekend.  There will be interviews with Celebs, Semi-celebs, artists, other podcasters and much much more!  So keep your eyes and ears open and enjoy!!


Brimstone's Interview:

More Links for Brimstone and Hound Comics:

Brimstone 's page - http://www.entrancetohell.com/

 TG Comics - We've Got Issues!!!


TG Comics on Facebook!

TG Comics Kickstarter:

Talon Takes on Wizard World - They have no idea what's coming their way!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Episode 11: SkyCandy Studios!! Anton's Birthday!!!

Episode 11:
RAW Episode011: "SkyCandy Studios!! Anton's Birthday!!!"

This episode is our first live remote recording!!!  Yay!!!  We are at SkyCandy Studios in Austin, TX.

SkyCandy Studios:

These guys are amazing!!  Check out their site then go check em out and see what you can do!!
Here is one of SkyCandy's promo videos.  They really are amazing performers.

Hey, its Anton's birthday!!!  Send him some love on our FB page, the email account or give us a call and leave him a message.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Episode 010: "The Chorderoys", "Raid Redemption", Confessions of the Common, "Time Travel!!!!" and "Happy Wheels"

Episode 010:

 RAW Episode010: "The Chorderoys, Raid Redemption, Confessions of the Common, Time Travel!!!! and Happy Wheels"

Wow!!!  Double digets!!!  Inching ever closer to Itunes.  Check out the sight and the changes we have made.  Then kick back and enjoy some entertainment for your earholes with Episode 10.

This show we feature music from "The Chorderoys" great local Austin band.

Lotsa movie talk including "The Raid Redemption"

A new episode of "Confessions of the Common"

Some great "Time Travel" talk on Fucking Science

and a wonderfully bloody video game "Happy Wheels"

Some links from the show:

Music -  http://www.facebook.com/Chorderoys

Fucking Science - Echo Park Time Travel Mart   

Video Game -  Happy Wheels