Cast and Crew

Eric "Mongrel" Stewart
Executive Producer

"Tell me that I can't do something.  I accept your challenge, now stand back and watch me get it done!"

A renaissance man for the new millennium. One would be hard pressed to put him into one specialty for media art. He excels in more than a handful of different cogs on the media production machine from pre-production to post editing. In college, he set out under the flag of Media Art and Animation, however he soon proved to be too big to be contained by only one major. Soon enough he was spearheading student organizations such as the Comic Book Society, student volunteer groups for the Austin born non-profit organization SCARE for a Cure and producing a feature length documentary. The Mongrel got a taste for Producing as well as Art Direction and soon after joined forces with his colleagues to produce a worldwide podcast. True to his moniker, Mongrel, Eric has proved to be invaluable in all aspects of Media production and intends to prove that the sky is a limit set by people without vision.

Anton William Blake
Content Coordinator


Anton William Blake is a cinematographer, camera operator, secret agent, and school lunch lady living and working in the Austin area. His interest in film lead him to pursue a degree in film, so he is a filmmaker. He has worked on some short films, documentaries, web series, live performances and music videos for people like The City of Austin, the Non-profit Scare for a Cure, Mocha TV, FLM.TV and AVID. He has crazy eyes, listens to horrible noise, and honks at golfers.

Talon Skibsrud
Content Coordinator

"Print journalism is not dead!"

Musician, filmmaker, billionaire shaman, podcast host, has the gams to pull off that dress. These are all things you could say about our friend and co-host Talon. A few of them are actual facts. When not filming, recording this podcast or making little kids laugh and prudish parents cringe, he plays music with his band mates in Robo Cougar. Not shy and has opinions about things. We think you would really like him. Here is his phone number, 864.372.9763. Call him sometime.

"There is no way in this world that this show would be as good, look as good nor sound as good as it does without the behind the scenes work of a small but talented and dedicated crew.  Thank you guys for all that you do." ~ Eric Stewart

Preston Jinnette
Post Production Audio

Nels Christensen
Production Recording Engineer

James "The Guy" Perez
Graphic Artist/Design Consultant