Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RAW ~ STAPLE! Independent Media Expo 2013!

Yes! STAPLE! 2013 was an amazing freaking weekend for us here at RAW.  We met a ton of great people, Artists, Authors, Podcasters and Poets!  Yes, Poets!

We took part in the Animation Panel and premiered the Promo Bumper and Pre-production Models for "KAZE", got some great advice and info at the WebTV Panel that will help us retool and define our overall buisiness plan, AND got to be a part of the Pop Culture Podcasting Panel with members from "GeekBombast" and "LEOG: League of Extremely Ordinary Gentleman from SPILL.Com".  What a great bunch of guys, we are really looking forward to doing some things with these guys in the future.

Well, you guys know what we like to do at events like this, get some great interviews with the Aritists and other event guests.  We like to bring you stuff that you may not have heard of, but will love as much as we do.  Then give you some time and background on the projects and artists themselves.  So, without further ado, here we go!

Masters Of The Obvious
The Interview:
Find Them Here:
Hound Comics! ~ HoundComics.com

Or meet them at an upcoming appearance:
Centex Expo, Comicpalooza, Tribe Comics (Nerd Cave) and Wizard World Austin

Remember, let em know you heard about em here on RAW!
Enrod The Clockman
 The Interview:
Find him here:
Web ~ ENRODX.com

Obsolete Press

The Interview:
Find them here:

W. Joe Hoppe 
(Contributor to Obsolete-Press)
The Interview:
Find him here: 

Obsolete-Press (Bonus Cut)
Mongrel's Hot Rod

Alright, so you guys know how a lot of the time our audio guys will keep the mic's rolling and catch some pretty good blooper cuts.  Well, as W. Joe Hoppe walked away he asked me about my Hot Rod...and yes, they kept the mic's rollin.  So, for the Audio Team, here is that bonus cut.  Enjoy.

The Tale of Tamarind
The Interview:

Join the Tale here:
Follow Perry here:
Twitter ~ @perrya
Meet Perry at the Small Press Expo and Intervention Con

Douglas Brown
                Album Artist              Graphic Artist                        Painter
The Interview:

Find Douglas Here:
Sir Reel Graphic Novel ~ sirreelcomics.com
Artist For Hire ~ albumartist.com

Mitch Clem
                                Turnstile Comix                      My Stupid Life
Nothing Nice To Say

The Interview:
Find him and his work here:

The Surly Nerd
The Interview:

Find them here:

And that ends this years STAPLE! 2013.  Great weekend, lotsa great people and interviews.  Hope you have enjoyed them all as much as we enjoyed recording them.  Keep your eyes and ears open for the Pop Culture Podcast Panel episode featuring RAW, GeekBombast and LEOG.  We will be bringing that one to you very soon.