Saturday, February 9, 2013

RAW Ep 19: "Mindless, Lee Vanwallen and Unwritten: That Which Happend, Last Stand and a celebration of disbelief"

The Podcast:

On this episode:
Special Guest Host ~ Lee Vanwallene
Artist on "Unwritten: That Which Happened"

Artist Creator of "Half Man, Half Monkey, All Hero"

More Web Comics:
 "Formal Sweatpants" at

"Zen Pencils" at

Fucking Science!
Dung Beetles follow the milky way at night! from

Video Games:
"I made a game with zombies in it"

"Earthbound" find out more at

Wolverine Vs. Deadpool Lego's! 

New Movies:
"The Last Stand", Schwaarzenegger talk and a celebration of disbelief!

"Parker", add it to your pile of Statham DVD's

Older Movies "Just watchem man":

"Eastern Promises"