Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Access Ep003: "Bonnaroo, Voyager 1 and Safety Not Guaranteed"

 The Show:

RAW Episode003: "Bonnaroo, Voyager 1 and Safety Not Guaranteed"

We have ventured out away from the Ai Studio and are doing a couple of shows at Anton's house and we will be doing a couple at Nels house trying to get our mobility down so we can eventually take this show on the road!!

In this episode we flip our script a little and talk about music first.  Starting with Talon's trip to Bonnaroo followed by Eric's trip to San Antonio to see Johnny Lang and Buddy Guy.

We kick some ass with "Fucking Science" and the farthest mankind has reached and love for Pluto.

Great round of "Shittiest Movie of the Week", we have three great ones for ya!!

Introducing our test of Anton's "Comic Book Bumpersticker!!" plus tons more.

Take a break and let your earholes be entertained!!!

We want to take a second to give a shout out and big thanks to Preston Jinnette and welcome Nels Christensen to the audio team.  Without you guys there is no way we would be doing as well as we are nor would we sound as good as we do.  Thanks guys!!