From RAWtv:
KAZE is an original production animated series from the imagination of "Pistolero Design" and the creative team of "Mongrel Studio Productions" for Random Access WebTV. 

From Mongrel Studio Productions:
This is the Promo Bumper that we premiered at STAPLE! Independent Media Expo on March 2nd.  Following the bumper are some of the pre-production 3D models of the primary characters and the Home Tree that are being used for pilot episode, currently in production.  Stay tuned for further updates and developments.

Special thanks to "Robo Cougar" for the music for this piece. 

From Pistolero Design Studios:
 KAZE (Ka-Zay)
What the hell is Kaze?
Kaze is simply a bear born different.  He is evolution in progress.  He is learning.
He is clumsy.  He is trying.  He is failing.  He is us.
His story is a rambling bumbling mess, just like life.
For us, we know the feeling of self realization from a fairly early age.  In the rest of the natural world, this complication is unnecessary.  So, what happens when evolution throws a wrench in the works?
 Like all creatures, Kaze is drawn to things much like himself.  Never really fitting in as a bear, his sudden revelation leaves him curious about these other creatures who, while strange, feel all to familiar in an inexplicable way.  Unfortunately, sometimes, the simplest bit of information can change our lives forever.

"Kaze is a bear who has had the revelation of self awareness happen to him.  This sends him on a journey to find himself in our world.  Ultimately culminating in a battle to save everything he holds dear." ~ James Perez